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Pure Castings Company, Investment Casting Foundry


Pure Castings Company was established in Austin, Texas in 1968 in its current location at 2110 East 4th Street. Pure Castings Company is an Investment Castings Foundry that produces precision investment castings in ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Through its 39+ years, Pure Castings has earned a reputation of quality through precise metallurgical and chemical control. Our quality program and production procedures were established to produce the highest quality casting backed by certification, experience and timeliness in order to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Pure Castings Company’s success has been because of a legacy of a “hands on” management team that works with trained and dedicated employees to meet the customer’s needs. 

Pure Castings Company is proud of its profession, reputation, future and your products!

Our Process

Our manufacturing facility has over 35,000 square feet with the latest in advanced technology for analysis, production and tracking.

Pure Casting Company has a state of the art tooling department. The automated equipment utilized to produce aluminum die cavities (tool) allows us to be able to meet a broad range of customer requests in house. The department has an experienced staff that not only can produce a new die but also can make changes to existing dies in order to maximize the quality and output of any castings produced. A strength of our Company that sets us apart from our competition is the level of staff expertise and specialization that we can apply to this critical stage of producing a successful casting. Our tooling department has the ability to receive a customer's drawings or plans via a CAD system and the die then can be quickly designed.

Pure Castings Company uses a “lost wax process” in producing its quality castings for their customers.  A wax pattern is made from the die for each casting.  Dies are injected with wax to produce expendable patterns of the final parts.  Wax patterns are then assembled onto a sprue runner to form a “mold tree” or wax cluster. Each wax cluster is dipped into slurry and coated with ceramic refractory to ensure precise part configuration.  Drying of the shells takes place in a climate-controlled area to ensure integrity of the molds/shells. After the shells are properly coated, the shells are moved to a steam autoclave that melts the wax from the cluster or tree, thus the lost wax.  The remaining mold is a ceramic material that holds the shape and specifications of the castings to me made. 

When the mold is ready to cast, the mold tree is fired in a high temperature oven.  The furnace charge is melted in various capacity induction melting units. The pre-certified metal is heated to its precise temperature for pouring and the metal is poured into the mold. Once the mold has cooled, the ceramic shell material is removed; the individual castings are cut off the tree. Various grinding and shot blast methods are applied to ensure the casting meets specifications. If heat treatment or secondary operations are needed, the castings are routed to the appropriate department or vendor. Once completed, a final inspection of the casting will be made and then boxed and shipped to the customer.

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Plant: P.O. Box 6497, Austin, Texas 78762
Telephone: 512-472-1330, Greg Patek
Fax: 512-472-1322, Greg Patek
E-mail: gregp@purecastingsco.com

· Member of Investment Casting Institute since 2000
· Member of American Foundry Society since 1998